Car Body Repairs Cardiff


Auxiliary stop light

Battery holder

Beam axle

Bonnet struts

Breather valve, fuel tank


Bumper brackets

Bumper grill

Bumper trim

Central locking system

Combination rearlight bulb

Cover, fog light

Cover, outside mirror

Cover, towhook

Cross beam

Cylinder lock

Daytime running light

Door handles

Door lock

Door seal

Doors / parts


Engine cover


Flaring, wing

Floor panel

Fog light bulb

Fog light parts

Fog lights

Front spoiler

Fuel tank and fuel tank cap

Gas spring, folding top

Headlight bulb

Headlight lens

Headlight parts


Holder, park assist sensor

Hood and parts

Ignition switch

Indicator bulb

Interior locks

Interior rear view mirror

Jacking point

Licence plate holder / bracket

Locking knob



Number plate light

Number plate light bulb

Park / position light

Parking sensors

Power drill / -accessories

Radiator grill

Radiator mounting

Radiator support

Rear door

Rear fog lights

Rear-end cowling

Rearlight parts


Reverse light bulb

Reverse lights

Rocker panel

Side indicator

Side panel

Silencing material, engine bay

Skid plate


Spotlight bulb

Stop light

Stop light bulb

Switch, door contact

Tail lights

Tailgate lock

Tailgate struts

Turn signal light

Wheel arch cover

Wheel arch trim

Window seal

Wing mirror

Wing mirror glass

Xenon light